Staff, Digital Quality Assurance Unit

This role is to provide quality assurance on digital banking products and services; prepare and produce a guidline document or video on how to use digital products and services for training to users and customers, collect and compile documents for each project of Digital Banking, both Soft Copy and Hard Copy, send documents to recipients accurately and technically ensure high security.

Main Duties

  • Ensure the quality of digital banking services in accordance with the Bank’s standards and high efficiency before the official launch;
  • Collect and compile the documents of digital banking services development project, both Soft Copy and Hard Copy, and store them according to the technical specifications and ensure the security and maintenance of the content of the digital banking system (such as website content and other forms on the website);
  • Analyze complex changes and show the specific specifications for the related documents, manage in-out documents in digital banking services, record the delivery of documents to the recipient accurately, clearly, sufficiently and in timely manner;
  • Participate in the development of digital banking services, do the testing to find inactivity and analyze risks thoroughly and clearly to produce and compile guidelines for team training before each new product or program officially launched;
  • Prepare guidline documents or produce the videos that show how to use digital products and services for customers and staffs to ensure the comprehensibility and applicability;
  • Study and research on how to develop the work, prepare the documents of the project more smoothly and efficiently;
  • Arrang the meetings within unit and learn to find the shortcomings, inactivity of the work process in the unit, improve, solve and participate in training program for performing work more effectively and on time.

Skills/ Experiences

  • Bachelor’s degree of computer science or other relate fields.
  • At least one year in digital Banking sector, quality of products and system reconciliation fields.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of testing methodologies and tools;
  • Proficiency in using quality assurance software;
  • Experience with technical skills related to the industry or product being tested;
  • Experience on data analysis and statistical techniques;
  • Knowledge of quality management systems (ISO 9001, Six Sigma)
  • Ability to prioritize time management and organizational skills and projects efficiently;
  • Account for challenges using problem-solving skills and seek to optimize data for the best possible outcome;
  • Good teamwork, Cooperation and good communication.

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Staff, Digital Quality Assurance Unit

How to Apply:

Interested applicants, please send by email attached with a cover letter and your most updated CV (with current photo) to or submit the hard copy at Our Head Office, Building No. 33 C-D, Tchecoslovaquie Blvd (169), Sangkat Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara Phnom Penh. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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