Bills Payment

“Bill Payment”

A number of billers/merchants provide services or sell product​s by issuing the invoice to their customers to enable their payments on time; for example monthly Internet subscription bills. Bill payment can be made by various options such as payment at counter of branches of the company. With the Bill Payment Service of Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia, the biller can accept payment from their customers by any channels and tools that the bank has activated for the customers to use. Biller simply issue invoices to their customers and send those invoices with corresponding payment amounts to the bank for verification. Except for non-business days, the banks will settle all payments made before 3 pm to billers/merchants every day. Any invoices that are paid after 3 pm will be settled in the next day (1 day late excluding holidays). In order to accept immediate payment from the customers, billers/merchants can integrate their system with the bank’s system to accept bill payment information from the customers.

Customers of billers/merchants are the customers of the Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia that receive payment tools, financial service, and other payment facilities from the bank such as Counter, various types of cards, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking (Mohabot). With payment tools made available to customers, they can pay the bill that billers/merchants issue to them such as invoice number or other information which is applicable.

Bill Payment service of the Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia provides convenient, effective payment, and reduces time-consuming and expenses for billers and customers. For other information please contact

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Direct phone: +855 77 666801.