VIP Banking

Being the first commercial bank in Cambodia, a truly local bank trusted since 1979, we deeply understand on what customer needs; therefore, VIP Banking has been established to provide confidential and more flexible service to you. Sitting in the private lounge, locating at 4 FTB Branches in Phnom Penh, you will experience banking services beyond your expectation.


  • Individual/ Join
  • Interest provided
  • Very special offer on inward/outward telegraphic transfer



Minimum opening balance ៛ ១០០.០០០.០០០ $ 25,000
Or minimum FD balance ៛ ៤០០.០០០.០០០ $ 100,000
Minimum monthly average balance ៛ ១០០.០០០.០០០ $ 25,000
Or minimum FD balance ៛ ៤០០.០០០.០០០ $ 100,000


Account maintenance fee Free
Account statement fee Free
Transaction fee via FTB branches Free
ATM card renewal fee Free
Balance confirmation fee Free
Token access Internet Banking (OTP) Free
Passbook issuance (Two books per year) Free
Cheque book issuance (Free one per month) Free
Dormancy fee (p.a.) $ 5
Account closure fee $ 10
Minimum monthly average ongoing balance fee $ 30

Please visit our branch nearest to you to enjoy the varieties of benefits with VIP Banking. Please find our locations via this link or contact us via phone 023 862 999.
Note: Fees and charges above are subject to change without prior notice in accordance with bank’s general terms and conditions.