Unsecured Personal Loan

Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (FTB) offers you a financial support for your personal usage for only payroll account via FTB.


Facility                                   Unsecured Personal Loan

Term                                      Up to 36 months

Currency                               KHR & USD

Interest Rate                         Up to 18% per annum

Repayment                           Option 1: Fixed principle and interest (Equal Principle Payment)
                                               Option 2: Fixed principle + Fixed interest (Fixed Payment)

Loan Amount                       USD 500 – 20,000, Up to 06 times of gross salary

Processing Fee                     1% of approved amount

Payoff Conditions

and Charges                         Nil

Collateral                               No Collateral

Disbursement                       Credited into payroll account


    • Applicant must be, Cambodian citizen only
    • Age 18-65 years old
    • Have payroll account with FTB

Requirement documents

    • Fill Loan application Form
    • Identity document of borrower and co-borrower
    • Family book
    • Income supporting documents including employment contract,
       verification/confirmation letter , staff ID
    • Other supporting documents subject to FTB’s requirement