Merchant Services

One merchant’s success can be defined utilizing customer attraction to its business as much as possible. More sales would contribute to better revenue and profit. What are factors that determine attraction and consequently achieve sales targets? ​We simply know that there are many but there is an answer FTB could respond to is card acceptance of electronic cards for payment by customers. It is obvious that a merchant’s display of FTB’s logo and other logo or marks of the associated card schemes is direct referrals of customers using electronic cards to merchant offerings. In the era of globalization, the payment industry has prospered to a great extent resulting in recognition of card usage almost everywhere. This trend has been perfected by growing concerns on information security, desire for convenience, transaction pace, simple processes, safekeeping of transaction records for future references, and reflection of social status, and so on. Merchants of all sizes should not overlook card acceptance for payment for goods/services as it would increase its overall competitiveness. FTB provides payment services almost all modes and technologies namely card payment acceptance using POS terminals, card payment acceptance on the internet, payment made using the mobile application using magnetic stripe, contact and contactless, QR code and scan-to-pay technologies. On the other hand, FTB has also deployed Visa Cybersource Gateway to enhance payment capability and merchant website integration. Also, Cybersource provides functions enable processing scheduled and recurring payments, and installments, and merchant storage of card information in encrypted form for future payments without the need to re-enter such information