ATM User Guide

How to withdraw cash from ATM

1. Please insert your card

2. Enter your PIN

3. Please select “Cash Withdrawal”

4. Please select currency type “KHR/USD”

5. Please select your account

6. Please enter the amount you wish to withdraw*

7. Processing…

8. Please collect your cash

9. Your cash withdrawal is successful. If you wish to take the receipt, please press “YES” Button.

10. Any further transaction, please press “YES” Button; otherwise, please press “NO” Button.

11. Please collect your card

12. Thank you for banking with us. Please come again!

* Note:

  • One ATM card can perform 7 transactions per day.
  • Daily withdrawal limit from ATM is USD 1,000 equivalent.
  • ATM can dispense maximum 40 notes per transaction.