FTB Online Corporate Banking

FTB’s corporate Internet Banking Services (iBanking) gives you access to your accounts, perform and manage your account transactions over the internet with greater convenience and safety. As long as your device has an internet connection, access to your account and transaction performance can be made almost everywhere 24 hours every day regardless you are at home, at work,​on an overseas trip, or even a relaxing resort. With internet banking service, every single transaction can be managed and monitored from its point of entry until the final output with mechanisms that explicitly define and segregate the user rights and responsibilities.

Some advantages

  • You can perform transactions anywhere without the need to actually visit a bank counter, you may perform it from home, at work, or even on your holiday.
  • You can perform a transaction at any time without the need to abide by the working hours of the bank. You have no worry about weekend days or other holidays because your account is accessible 24×7.
  • Use of any device with internet access for your bank activities: phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, any supporting devices.
  • Arrays of banking services can be performed on the internet namely bill payments, fund transfer, transaction inquiries, and retrievals of transaction histories or statements.
  • Every transaction can be made automatically updated immediately without submitting any slips or documents and therefore account information is more accurate due to process automation.
  • Easy, time-saving, fewer expenses, and enjoy preferential pricing.
  • No enrolment fee.
  • Secured with a hard and soft token to complete the transaction.
  • The bank operates a 24-hour call center providing supports to customers. The customer can contact to Call Center through email, telephones, and other means the bank appropriately informs to report and seek for assistance needed to resolve the problems.

Some useful functions

  • Monitor and download transaction history.
  • Determine single transaction amount
  • Transfer fund to multiple accounts at once (same time).
  • Transfer funds to own accounts, other local or overseas banks.
  • Pay bills (Internet, utilities, cable TV, Visa CashCard top-up)
  • Set schedules to perform (standing order) transactions.
  • Define user rights to manage accounts in accordance with the company’s assignments.

How to register?

In order to register for our internet banking services, you need to:

  • have an eligible current account, fixed deposit or Savings account;
  • complete “Registration form for Business Internet Banking”; and
  • submit completed “Registration form for Business Internet Banking” at FTB’s nearest branch.

For more information, kindly visit your nearest FTB branch or give us a call at 023 862 111 for further guidance.