Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (FTB) Continues to Support Humanitarian Voluntary Blood Donation under the Theme “Give Blood, Give Hope”

(Phnom Penh) – The Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (FTB), the first local commercial bank in Cambodia, has continued to support humanitarian activities in collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Center under the theme “Giving Blood, Giving Hope” held at FTB Bank Branch (Heng Ly Market Branch) on December 21, 2023.

The Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia cooperates with the National Blood Transfusion Center to organize a blood donation program under the theme “Give Blood, Give Hope” with the participation of bank staffs and partners in order to support humanitarian activities charity in the community and provide blood to the hospital for patients in need.

According to a report from the National Blood Transfusion Center, the center requires an average of 100,000 bag of blood per day to meet the demand for blood transfusions, but they only receive 10 percent of that amount.

Mr. Dith Sochal the Chief Executive Officer of FTB said, “For the second consecutive year, FTB has organized a blood donation program as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The Bank will keep supporting the health sector in Cambodia and collaborating with the National Blood Transfusion Center to create meaningful and beneficial outcomes for the coming years.”

“FTB Bank has always been committed to supporting and participating in many humanitarian activities in the past, including “The 8th World Mental Health Day”, “Cambodia Hearing Day 2023”, “Philosophical Essay Competition, “International Committee of the Red Cross”, “Phnom Penh International Half Marathons” and other humanitarian activities.”, he continued.

At last he urges everyone, especially the youth, to donate blood at least once a year and help those who require blood transfusions, as this act can save lives. He hopes that this year’s blood donation program will be more enjoyable and beneficial for the people who need blood.

About FTB: As the first commercial bank in Cambodia, a truly local bank trusted since 1979, FTB has played crucial roles in helping to promote and develop the local market and economy through relentlessly providing wide ranges of banking products and services to local customers. With its total assets increasing to US$1.94 Billion, total loan portfolio of US$ 1.27 Billion and total deposit of over US$ 1.61 Billion, FTB is committed to continually helping local customers to achieve further growth and prosperity, and steadily forging ahead with the vision to be the preferred commercial bank in Cambodia.