Digital Technical Advisor

This role is responsible for project and vendor management, analyze on digital banking product/service and structure and recommend area of improvement, provide DBD various teams with strategy, methodologies and structure to manage project more effectively, reckon on digital business enabling technologies to arouse innovation amongst the Bank employees, and support the Bank development teams in production and implementation of technical guidelines for Software Development management.

Main Duties

  • Project management: Provide DBD various teams with strategy, methodologies, structures, skills and expertise, and tools to manage project more effectively. This would also include effective management of SIT, UAT, data migration, production pilot, and more satisfactory delivery of the project.
  • Vendors Management: To provide recommendation on vendor communication strategies, techniques, and tools to ensure support, solution, and delivery are to be made on time and effective.
  • Digital banking products/services and customer onboarding: Performs analysis of current digital banking products/services and recommends areas of improvement, innovation, design of new and comprehensive digital banking suite that covers payments, consumer onboarding, credit related products, self-service applications, voice banking services, and online mortgages, etc. furthermore, also suggests the best approach to deliver such banking suite via Omni-channels: mobile, in-branch app/device, ATM, internet, digital bank branch (kiosk terminal and other type of terminals the bank may introduce from in future).
  • Digital governance: to analyze current digital banking structures at all levels and recommend changes, enhancements, or introduce new structures together with governance models which include managing innovation. The implementation of recommended structures and digital governance models would enable better teams support for internal and external customers, culture changes, stimulate good communication, and digital mind shift throughout the Bank.
  • Technologies & innovation: Analysis and reckon on digital business enabling technologies (including Blockchain technology) to arouse innovation amongst the Bank employees, as well as help souring such technologies (including dealing and working with FinTech, IT services firms) as well as to give support for technology implementation.
  • Digital banking strategy: Analysis of businesses across the Bank, define, and recommends the most relevant digital banking strategy, objectives, and ambition for the bank to adapt to encourage digital transformation as well as digital business model that would inspire innovation and leverage businesses performance Bank wide.
  • DevOps and software development strategies: Analyze pieces of development work and software or applications in production to identify synergies that be used to enforce to DevOps strategy and thus make the two regimes go along with harmony. Apart from this, devise adaptable development methodologies for the Bank development teams to utilize and sustain their work that as a result could endure DevOps strategy.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Support the Bank development teams in production and implementation of technical guidelines for Software Development management and work in parallel with vendors (if any).
  • Certification of security implementation: Provide recommendation on deployment of security certificates in production software or applications and support the Bank in obtaining certification letter/certificate for such implementation. The said certification letter would help the Bank to prove its compliance with various to requirements when connected the systems for data exchange. Also, recommend the Bank teams on appropriate mechanisms to manage security certificates to ensure to retirement and renewals on time and without disruption.

Skills/ Experiences

  • Bachelor or higher degree in application development or related fields
  • Ability to carry out effective communication with departments or units across the Bank
  • Excellent analytical, presentation, and report/document writing skills
  • Excellent English proficiency in listening, reading, and writing
  • At least has 3-year experience in software/digital application development
  • 2-year experience in implementation and deployment of digital applications/programs to the markets
  • Good knowledge in card/digital payment industry and relevant fields

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Digital Technical Advisor

How to Apply:

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